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Emiko Hayashi

Member since 2012
NYCC Coordinator of Readings
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EMIKO HAYASHI is a composer, arranger and performer, currently living in New York. She was born and raised in Japan.  She started classical piano studies at age three, later moving into jazz and contemporary music. She has an undergraduate degree from Jochi University, (Japan) in Far Eastern Philosophy and a Masters in Jazz Piano Performance from Purchase Conservatory of Music (New York). Emiko has performed at various clubs in Tokyo, the Bay Area in California and in New York City. In 2005, she shifted to composing contemporary music. Her work Continuous Strand of Twisted Threads, for string trio, was selected and performed by Women Composers Festival of Hartford. Her Piano Sonatina was performed by Martha Locke at Tenri Gallery, sponsored by Orchestra of Our time. Her jazz originals have been performed at Birdland Jazz Club, Zinc Bar, and the Vault in Santa Curz, California. She states, "I use my compositions as a vehicle to explore music from a visual and visceral perspective. My attempt is to paint sounds with my own version of color, texture and depth."

Emiko has just released a new CD album "Sun and Moon" in collaboration with David Picton, drummer/arranger.